I tylko pamięć została
Po tej katyńskiej nocy...
Pamięć nie dała się zgładzić,
Nie chciała ulec przemocy.

Marian Hemar





     Over one hundred representatives of the Katyn Families Federation arrived on Sunday 15th May, 2011 on a pilgrimage to Jasna Gora. As every year since 1991, they remembered their family members murdered 71 years ago by the NKWD.

     During the Mass for the pilgrims, celebrated in the chapel of “Cudowny Obraz Matki Bożej”, chaplain Fr. Captain Janusz Bak said: "the truth about Katyn is still not always true-read to the end (...) 71 anniversary of the Katyn massacre, and Poland is waiting in prayer, waiting for recognition by the whole civilized world full of truth of the unimaginable, horrible reality of Katyn. The nation is waiting for access to documents, wherever they are located "- emphasized by Fr. Bak." Poland is waiting for recognition by the whole civilized world full of truth about the terrible reality of those days, and pain and suffering of today we will bring to the soul.”


     Next he spoke about liberation offered by the truth, the truth flowing from disclosure pursuant to obtain freedom of choice that is consistent with a conscience: "Knowing the truth is derived to it. Be responsible for the truth also means making decisions about her reveal". Chaplain of the Katyn Families Federation quoted poignant testimony  of one of the families.

     We memorised  words, addressed to the Katyn Families during our pilgrimage to Rome in April 1996. The Pope then referred to the prayer of Christ on the cross: "Father, forgive them, because they  don’t know  what they do”.
Representatives of Families, questioned by journalists, they recalls, that the Katyn Families pilgrimage to Jasna Gora, initiated rescued prisoner of Kozielsko, chaplain of the Katyn Families, Fr. Prelate Zdzislaw Peszkowski.

     Father Janusz Bak was here with us for the first time,  last autumn he replaced the function of FRK chaplain Fr. Andrzej Kwasnik, who was killed in the crash near Smolensk.

     After Mass we met in the hall of father Kordecki. It was raining, so the traditional Stations of the Cross celebrated there, and not on the walls of Jasna Gora. After a moment to focus on prayer was there also an opportunity to become familiar with current affairs of the Katyn Families Federation, which introduced the president-Skąpska Sariusz Izabella.