I tylko pamięć została
Po tej katyńskiej nocy...
Pamięć nie dała się zgładzić,
Nie chciała ulec przemocy.

Marian Hemar



     Beginning of creating a Katyn Family in Radom reaches  of 1992. Geraldina Buczynska - initiator of the establishment of the Association in our city, she officiated as vice president of the “ Oddział Wojewodzkiego Zwiazku Sybirakow w Radomiu”. She tried to collect a group of people whose relatives were killed in Katyn. Participation in the mass celebrated in the beginning of 1992 in the kosciol garnizownowy - at the request of Geraldina Buczyńska and Teresa Wajzer - the murdered prisoners of war camps Kozielsk, Ostaszkow, Starobielsk and other places-let her to do that. After Mass reported a few people interested in creating the Association, including Maria Brudnicka and Tadeusz Fabisiewicz.

     On 29th December 1992 founding meeting was held. Founding Committee was established composed of: Geraldina Buczynska, Maria Brudnicka and Fr. Zbigniew Zason. This committee had the task of collecting the declarations filed by interested persons, the collection of memories, documentation of mass graves of prisoners, and the development of the Statute, which allows to  registrate the Association. Registration of the Association "Katyn Family in Radom" took place on 19th March 1993.
Katyn Family Association in Radom is composed of two groups of members: united in the Police department in 1939 and the Katyn Family. On 24th April  1993 was held the first General Assembly Election, at which selected the Association Board composed of:
Geraldina Buczynska - President,
Tadeusz Fabisiewicz and Edward Brymora - vice-presidents,
Izabela Wasik - Secretary,
Ineza Makarska - Treasurer,
Wladyslaw Krzciuk and Maria Brudnicka - members of the Board.
Chairman of the Audit Committee was Marek Kwarciński, members of: Ludomiła Holtzer, Teresa Wajzer, Jan Roczniak and Kazimiera Borowiec.
Geraldina Buczynska headed the Board until 11 March 2000. Currently the Board is as follows:
Teresa Duszyńska - President,
Tadeusz Adamczyk and Barbara Cieslik - vice-presidents,
Malgorzata Cieslik - Secretary,
Teresa Wajzer - Treasurer,
Daniela Jesionek and Kazimiera Borowiec - members of the Board.
The Audit Committee are: Ineza Makarska - President, and members are: Edward Brymora, Helena Kalińska and Geraldina Buczynska. Chaplain of Katyn Family in Radom is Fr. Zbigniew Zasoń.
Office of the Association, which consists of 47 ordinary members is located in the building of the Regional Directorate of State Forests at. 25th June 68 in Radom.

     Katyn Family Board meets once a week or more often if it’s necessary. General Assemblies of members are held several times a year, ceremonial- on the occasion with the participation of government officials, army, police, deputies and senators. Artistic setting of these meetings provide high school youth. Office of the Association, in which the Katyn Family Library, is open twice a month. Shifts in it fully, since the creation of the Association, Daniela Jesionek.

     The Association recognized as one of the most important of its tasks, set up a committee for verification of veterans' settlement rights for its members approved by the Office of Veterans Affairs. Then Association took the special care of widows of murdered prisoners, including settled a place to stay in the House Veteran in Radom. A representative of our Katyn Family Krystyna Płaskocińska cooperated with the Social Commission by the City Social Welfare Centre in Radom for financial help for veterans.
Thanks to the undertaken efforts by  Katyn Family Board, members could pick up badges, for example:
Odznaki Pamiątkowe - Krzyże Kampanii Wrześniowej 1939 roku,
medales „Za udział w wojnie obronnej 1939",
Wstęgi Krzyża Srebrnego Orderu Virtuti Militari.

     The Association keeps in touch with other Katyn Families in our country, the National Police Family Association in 1939 in Katowice, as well as with local combatant and state organizations in Radom. At the request of the Board of our Family, according to the resolution of the City of Radom, one of the streets of the city was named "Pamieci Katynia".
Each year, members are also involved in the Katyn Memorial Day, the Katyn Families pilgrimages to Jasna Gora in Czestochowa.

     Board also attaches great importance to the popularization of the Katyn issue, members’ memories kept in local newspapers and radio stations.